Vehicle stops working on the road

How to Deal with a Vehicle Breakdown on the Road

Imagine you’re driving along and suddenly your car stops working. Whether it’s due to a mechanical issue, a flat tire, or any other unforeseen circumstance, finding yourself stranded on the side of the road can be a daunting experience.

However, by knowing what steps to take when your vehicle stops working, you can ensure your safety and expedite the process of getting back on the road. Here are some essential guidelines to follow in such situations.

Stay Calm and Assess the Situation:

The first step is to remain calm. Take a deep breath and assess the situation. If possible, safely steer your vehicle to the side of the road or a nearby parking lot to avoid obstructing traffic. Turn on your hazard lights to alert other drivers of your situation.

Ensure Personal Safety:

Once you have safely parked your vehicle, prioritize your and your companion’s safety. Move the vehicle to the side of the road from traffic. If you’re on a busy road, it’s advisable to stay inside your vehicle with your seatbelt fastened until help arrives. If you need to exit the vehicle, do it with caution and keep a distance from moving traffic.

Call for Assistance:

Reach out to a trusted towing company or roadside assistance service for help. Provide them with precise details about your location, problem, and any pertinent information about your vehicle. If you have a membership with an automobile club or roadside assistance provider, contact them for assistance.

Communicate Clearly and Follow Instructions:

When speaking with the towing or roadside assistance service, communicate your situation clearly and concisely. follow all instructions mentioned by the service provider, such as staying on the line or providing additional information. Clear communication helps them assess the situation accurately and dispatch the appropriate assistance.

Wait in a Safe Location:

While waiting for assistance to arrive, stay in a safe location away from traffic. If available, utilize nearby facilities such as gas stations or rest areas. Avoid accepting help from strangers unless you are in a well-populated and safe area.

Stay Informed:

Keep track of the estimated arrival time of the towing or roadside assistance provider. If there are any changes or delays, stay in contact with them for updates. Remaining informed helps manage expectations and allows you to make necessary arrangements if needed.

Follow the Guidance of the Service Provider:

Once the towing or roadside assistance team arrives, follow their guidance and instructions. They are trained professionals who will efficiently assess and address the issue with your vehicle. If your vehicle needs to be towed, inquire about the destination and any accompanying paperwork or processes.

Notify Relevant Parties:

If your vehicle is being towed to a specific location, inform family members, friends, or colleagues who may need to be aware of your situation. Provide them with relevant details such as the towing company’s name, contact information, and the destination of your vehicle.


Experiencing a breakdown or vehicle malfunction on the road can be stressful, but by following these essential steps, you can ensure your safety and expedite the process of getting the necessary assistance. Remember to stay calm, prioritize personal safety, contact a reliable towing or roadside assistance service, and communicate clearly throughout the process. By taking these proactive measures, you can navigate the situation with confidence and minimize any further inconvenience.